Associate Pastor Review Form

Below lists the basic functions of the Associate Pastor job description, including characteristics associated with the functions. Using the six point scale described below, check the number for each item you feel most closely describes the degree of effectiveness of the Associate Pastor. Base your judgment on your own observations. If you have no basis for your judgement, check N/A.
  • 5. Exceptionally Effective: Consistently demonstrates outstanding competence and achievement.

    4. Quite Effective: Achieves significant advances in this area.

    3. Effective: Is sometimes effective in this area.

    2. Somewhat Effective: There are a few instances of achievement.

    1. Not Effective: Exhibits little competence or achievement.

    N/A. No Basis for Judgement: Not sufficiently acquainted with this part of the Associate Pastor's work to give a responsible opinion.
  • Pastor Review
  • 1. Function: Is actively involved with the Care Group Ministry
  • 2. Function: Is actively involved in visitation, including non-crisis visits, giving special attention to seniors.
  • 3. Function: Is involved in Outreach/lnreach.
  • 4. Function: Is involved with Christian Education.
  • 5. Function: Preaches approximately once a month.
  • 6. Other
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