Junior Youth

If you’re in grades 7 and 8 we invite you to join our "Monday Night Family!” During the school year we invite you to join us at Grace between 7:00-9:00pmfor games, inspiration, worship and hanging out. Everyone is welcome so bring your friends! 
Our Monday night family is led and cared for by our Pastor Steve, Mama Mel (Program Director) and a team of carefully trained/screened, caring, volunteer leaders (both young and old!)  If you would like to meet our team feel free to stop by or attend one of our parent open house nights (typically once every 3-4 months). 


What do we do on a Monday night?

You’ll walk in the front doors of Grace to find a mass of energetic teens/pre-teens hanging out in the foyer. Once everyone arrives we typically blow off some life stress with a game. After that we gather in the youth room for music and a brief inspirational message from a member of the speaking team. Now that the chaos has settled we like to group up into mini groups where your small group leaders check in with you to pray and see how you are doing. By this time we’ve worked up an appetite so we’ll slide over to the Fellowship Hall for snacks. We’ll have you topped up and funned out by 9:00pm when we ask your parents to pick you up (stay too late and you may end up helping us clean the place!) 
Some Mondays we like to change it up a little with small group activities and fun nights. Check out the Instagram link for updates on these events.

Joining us for the first time?

It’s important for us to know that your parents are supportive of your connection with Grace youth. Here’s a little permission/information form that we would love for you to bring with you to youth. It will help us stay connected to you and give your parents the important information they need (so you don’t have to worry about forgetting.