In-person Services

Are you missing being in the church on Sunday mornings? We miss having you, and since July 5th, we began having people at the Sunday service.

As a lead team and staff there has been much prayer and conversation about this, and though we do have some varying opinions and viewpoints that reflect the whole congregation, we are unified in the decision about how we will reopen, following the guidelines of the provincial government.

In the current phase 4 (activated July 25th), we can have up to 30% capacity without cohorts, which means we can have 100 people taking part in the live service in the sanctuary (including the people putting on the service).  We can also have people watching the service projected on the big screen in the fellowship hall, if those so desire. This is done via registration/reservation, and only those who have registered will be permitted in the service.

We understand that this is not ideal. Some of you may be saying, “Uggh this is like going to Walmart”, and you may decide that you are happy doing the livestream until opening is more like normal. We completely understand and will not judge your decisions either way. We may even feel the same way you do, but our opening strategy is designed to take all people into account. Though other churches may be doing things differently, this is how the leadership at Grace is currently interpreting the guidelines for our church.

We will be continuing our live streams of the services, so you will always be able to enjoy the service in your own home.

We will be asking that you self screen with the provided screening assessment, and we recommend that those of you who would be most vulnerable to serious illness from the virus, consider staying home for a while longer.

You should also know that your children will have to remain seated with you throughout the service, so please bear that in mind.

We are hoping you will adhere to the following instructions for the sake of others.

We will try to make these instructions as clear and concise as possible:



  • Each week you can call or email the office to indicate that you would like to attend in person. Please let Wendy know how many in your family will be attending by end of day Thursday each week. Depending on the interest, you may need to skip a week once in a while. We will do everything in our power to ensure a fair rotation.



  • You may enter via either entrance.  There will be no dividers between fellowship hall or sanctuary.  Doors will open 15 minutes before the service (10:30) and we are asking that you sanitize your hands and proceed directly to your reserved seat. Because of the livestream we will be starting the service promptly at 10:45. Also please try to keep your distance when entering and exiting the building.



  • Usher/greeters will check your name off at the entrance, and show you where the hand sanitizer is located at the entrances. You will have your seats reserved in the sanctuary. Your seating spot will be made clear and you may find a little treat when you get there. If you prefer to sit in the Fellowship Hall, we can accommodate by seating you at a table.



  • Both bathrooms are accessible for use.  We ask that visiting happens outside or in the sanctuary and not in the foyer.


  • There will be an offering box on the tables in the foyer if you wish to give in person. We encourage continued electronic giving if you are already doing so.



  • We ask that you respect the physical distancing guidelines of 6 feet while in the building and shaking hands is discouraged. Ushers and greeters will not be shaking hands, but it isn’t because we don’t love you or aren’t happy to see you!


  • When the service ends, we ask that you leave the building as soon as possible using the door that you entered through. Please fellowship outside if you wish to chat with someone, or in the sanctuary with distancing in place to keep the foyer clear.


May we exemplify Romans 12:8 “Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves.” 


If you don’t feel comfortable adhering to these restrictions, we encourage you to wait until we are able to loosen them.