Our Ministry Structure

Grace establishes ministries as necessary to carry out its mission and vision.  Every ministry has a team leader that takes responsibility for building a team and developing the plans to carry out the mission.

The functions of these Ministry groups is simple:  Leading people to be disciples of Jesus.

Love Ministries

Love is at the core of the gospel and the ethos of what Grace is about. Whenever we gather at Grace, in large groups or small, we love.

Love Ministries are ministries that focus on the love and care of others.  They are about creating places of belonging and safety where people can learn to believe in Jesus, join others who are learning to behave like Him, and together become living examples of Him.

Our Love Ministries team leader oversees teams like Front Door, Soul Care, Small Groups, Coffee Hour, and Seniors Fellowship.  To learn about each ministry, click the Love button above.

WOrship Ministries

Here at Grace, we desire to provide opportunities for you to worship God.  Elements of worship include Bible reading, prayer, communion, songs of praise, silence and service.  Whenever we gather at Grace, in large groups or small, we worship.

The Worship Ministries leader oversees the Ministries Team, Worship Teams, and Media Teams.  Click the Worship button for more information.

Learn Ministries

Learn Ministries.  Learning is the process of acquiring new or modifying existing knowledge, behaviours, skills, values or preferences about God, life and relationships.  God's Word is foundational to this whether we are deepening our relationship with Him, or discovering new truths about Him or equipping and supporting each other in service.

Learn Ministries takes on the responsibility of guiding the Adult Learning, Youth Ministry Teams, and the Kids Ministry.  If you would like to read more on what we offer, click on the Learn button above.

Witness Ministries

Witness Ministries.  A witness speaks and lives from personal experience of Jesus and His Gospel.  Witnesses share with others how Jesus has changed their lives and given them hope and a future.  Whenever we gather at Grace, in large groups or small, we witness.

The Witness Ministries team leader oversees our Missions Team, Partnerships, Covenant Community Connections, & Witness Teams.  To learn more, click the Witness button.

Management Ministries

Management Ministries is a collection of support ministries that enable Grace to fulfill its mission.  Hundreds of volunteers are involved in Grace's ministries and adequate support structures are necessary.  To know what is under the Management Services, click the button above.

The Management aspect of our Church structure encompasses Custodial, Maintenance, and the Food Services Team.