Missions Team

The Mission Team, following the mandate in Acts 1:8 is passionate about spreading the gospel to the “ends of the earth” and mobilizes the church to do so.


Grace has realized that the most effective model for ministry is to work through strategic partnerships.  As trusting relationships are built over time, the felt needs of partner ministries and the communities they serve to begin to emerge.  Rather than initiating ministry efforts, a cooperative approach is undertaken in which our partners help us to translate our giftedness and resources into their ministries and communities in ways that are culturally sensible and appropriate.

Covenant Community Connections (C3)

Gatherings of the church designed to promote relational connection with each other and our friends in the community (Winter Picnic and Summer Fun Day, Mutual Munches).  They are occasions that provide opportunities for newcomers to connect and springboard to meaningful relationships (small groups and ministry) with those in Grace Church.

Witness Team

In our personal witness, it is often helpful to be encouraged and resourced in sharing our faith. The Witness Team does not do evangelism for the church, it mobilizes and organizes the church for evangelism.  They provide opportunities for people to wrestle with faith (e.g. Alpha), encourage us to work with one another in sharing our faith and plans occasional harvest events to empower the body to bring people to Christ. ‚Äč